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New Gratitude Journal By Psychotherapist Matthias J. Barker Shows You A

Simple 6-Week Process To Improve Your Quality of Life & The Lives of Your Loved Ones

The Gratitude Journal

This is not like any other journal on the market…

I designed this to be an introspective tool for personal growth that goes beyond a surface level ‘attitude of gratitude’.

The practice of journaling with a gratitude focus is not meant to deny the existence of, or brush away distress, but to “widen the lens” — adding useful context to help you think differently…

And gently shifting your perspective to become more meaningful and empowering Gratitude is a launching pad…

It puts you in a state that makes you more receptive to new insights and new opportunities for healing.

It inspires right action.

And it draws in the abundance that’s all around you…

✍️ This Daily Gratitude Journal Helps You:

  • Tap into the beauty of the present moment, and bring forward your dreams for the future (with daily prompts for writing and reflection, based over 6 weeks)
  • Collect, document, and showcase examples of meaningful aspects of life that are present in your current experience (When you tune-in, they’ll serve as a bridge to your larger dream!)
  • Reframe discontentment as an opportunity for growth (...and a gauge by which to create the happiness and the life that you want.)
  • Explore the values that underpin your happiness and wellbeing (You’ll relate to the world and the people around you in a more meaningful way.)
  • Bring intentionality to your personal journey and reflection (The structure gives your introspection a goal, which helps your progress.)
  • and so much more...

A must for anyone in recovery (or going through a hard time)…

The Journal is a wonderful tool for anyone who wants to be happier.

It takes just minutes a day.

Gift the Gratitude Journal to your loved ones during this holiday season!

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When you give the gift of gratitude…

When you take the time to slow down and focus on what you're thankful for…

It can be a sustaining force that keeps you going amidst the ups and downs of the holiday season.

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A Video Walkthrough From Matthias! 🎥

While you’re waiting for your journal to arrive, I’ll walk you through how the entire process works so you can get off to a fast start.

I’ll share insights on why gratitude can be such a powerful tool, and how to get the most out of your daily practice of journaling.


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