Anxiety Workshop (Recorded)

This workshop will be focused on anxiety that surfaces within the context of relational conflict:

  • Your boss rolls their eyes when you ask them a question

  • Your teenager announces they are planning on dropping out of high school

  • Your mother announces an impromptu visit (which you fear will be accompanied by personal slights and judgmental criticism)

  • Your spouse is making financial decisions you don't agree with

How do we navigate these tumultuous conflicts and the accompanying anxiety?

In the workshop we will:
  • Discuss the psychology and source of anxiety

  • Learn a model for navigating our anxiety while we sift through potential solutions to our relational conflicts.

  • Learn a step-by-step conversation method for addressing conflict based in the latest psychological research.

This virtual recorded workshop includes 

  • A 45-minute lecture and a 55min Q&A session where individual questions were submitted

  • A PDF note guide with a practice worksheet for implementing step-by-step skills

  • Upon purchase, you will immediately be emailed the recorded video and your PDF note-guide/worksheets.

**This workshop does not constitute therapy or a formal therapeutic relationship. This workshop is designed to aid in personal development or accompany formal psychotherapy with a local therapist.



Category: Anxiety

Type: Workshop

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