Couples Workshop (Recorded)

Communicate what matters to you without conflict and distance

This is a workshop for people that want to deeply connect with the person they love— we often struggle to find ways of communicating what matters to us without starting a fight. There are lots of reasons for this.

Let’s talk about it.

In this workshop, you’ll learn the most common mistakes people make that turn a conversation into a fight. You’ll learn practical markers for recognizing when a conversation is going south and learn how to move the conversation back to a positive space without avoiding, sugar-coating or minimizing.

You’ll learn how the blend of your personalities uniquely sets you up for certain kinds of conflicts. Finally, you’ll learn what to do when you feel like you’re in gridlock and having the same fight over and over.

The workshop will conclude with 30min of Q&A.


Category: Couples

Type: Unknown Type

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