Understanding My Trauma Workshop

This workshop is NOT live and has been pre-recorded. If you purchase today, you will immediately be sent the pre-recorded version. 

This workshop includes a fifty-minute lecture and a thirty-minute Q&A session where individual questions were submitted during the live webinar. 

Trauma rewires how we engage with the parts of life that matter most to us. It can feel like numbness and emotional distance from our closest relationships or relentless anxiety and stress that is impervious to logical explanations. 

A great deal of the suffering that can come from experiencing trauma is the feeling of being out of control— it’s not obvious why our bodies and emotions are rebelling against our deepest desires.

This workshop is meant to give insight into what’s happening behind the scenes. In the workshop we will:

  • Discuss how trauma uniquely inhibits certain brain functions and imposes health risks.
  • Learn how to respond to your body’s signals mindfully. 
  • Learn practical techniques for increasing psychological flexibility.
  • Lay an infrastructure that will allow you to process without getting re-traumatized. 

At no point will you be asked to recollect memories of traumatic events or “process the trauma” in this workshop. Processing should be done in relationship with someone trusted and safe (ideally a licensed psychotherapist with training in trauma recovery).

This workshop will serve you best as a way to familiarize yourself with some of the core concepts and science of the psychology of trauma. My hope is that this would make the participant an “informed consumer” when seeking a local therapist.

This workshop would also be a suitable companion alongside active therapy. This workshop is no substitute for trauma-therapy.


Category: Trauma

Type: Workshop

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