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‘The Arch of Healing’

featuring Matthias Barker

It's frustrating to feel stuck.

Maybe you've been going to therapy for a while, given a lot of time and money to it, opened up some dark places, and still don't feel any closer to a breakthrough…

Maybe you don't think what you’re doing is making a meaningful difference, or you have behaviors you wish you could change, or things about yourself you wish were different…

You may start to wonder, "What would it even look like to be healed and normal?"

How would you know if things truly had changed?

During The Arch of Healing webinar, you’ll discover:

  • what healing from trauma could look like
  • a simple model for understanding how we respond to triggers and overwhelm
  • what could be at the root of these responses…
  • and some practical ways of moving towards healing in a more meaningful way!

‘The Arch of Healing’

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