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Repairing The Chasm

featuring Matthias Barker and Frank Anderson

It can sometimes feel weird to call stuff we went through “trauma”.

You might think, “I wasn’t neglected or abused, I wasn’t in a war...and I always had food on the table.”

Some emotional wounds escalate into forms of PTSD and trauma…

Others simply shape the way you see the world, and yourself.

Bottom line, wounds like these still matter — and need attending to — even if you don’t experience any of the more obvious symptoms of trauma, like flashbacks or panic attacks.

It’s why I’m hosting a live virtual event called Repairing The Chasm on August 31st at 9PM.

Because healing from trauma and healing from emotional wounds follow the same structure– these are insights that EVERYBODY should know..

I’ve got one of the world’s leading trauma experts, Frank Anderson — a Harvard trained psychiatrist, joining me.

He’s incredible.

We’re going to talk about healing from trauma and emotional wounds like the above (because these still deserve to be healed).

Enter your info below and come join us — it’s all 100% free.

Repairing The Chasm


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