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Talk About What Matters Without Explosive Conflict or Withdrawal

...And What If This Meant You Could FINALLY Address That Unresolved Conflict With Someone You Care About?
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“Whether you’ve been married a long time or you’re a new couple, I’ll show you tools and skills you can use today to better navigate conflict and enjoy the warm, loving relationship you want...  without avoiding, sugar-coating, or minimizing.”
–Matthias J. Barker

Are you currently in a relationship?

Do you long for more closeness, honesty and to better communicate with your partner about what matters to you both?

Whether you’re newly together or you've been married for decades…

Few Things Disrupt A Happy Relationship
Faster Than Conflict.

Maybe you’re experiencing this right now.

Maybe you’ve been married for a long time and the same fight keeps coming up over and over again (even decade after decade!)…

Maybe you think, “If we just keep trying, it will all work out!” But the more you try, the more lonely, discouraged, and distant you feel...

You’re not alone.

Enter The Couples’ Workshop


This workshop is for you if you want to deeply connect with the person you love.

In this workshop, you’ll discover the most common mistakes people make that turn a conversation into a fight.

You’ll also get practical tips for how to recognize when a conversation is going south and how to move the conversation back to a constructive space away from hurtful things like guilt-tripping, avoidance, appeasement, sugar-coating, or trying to convince yourself it’s “not a big deal”.

And you’ll discover how the blend of your personalities uniquely sets you up for certain kinds of conflicts.

Lastly, you’ll know what to do when you feel like you’re in gridlock and having the same fight over and over...

My approach is based on the latest research in couples therapy, an evidence-based personality model, and years of experience working with couples in my private practice.

This workshop is free of psychobabble and cheesy clichés. It’s designed to give you plenty of real-world examples and strategies you can use to improve your relationship! 

The Tools We’ll Discuss Will Empower You To…

  1. Communicate what matters to you without explosive conflict or distance
  2. Diffuse conversations that blow up into arguments
  3. Increase intimacyrespect, and affection
  4. Break down barriers that leave you feeling stuck or stagnated
  5. Build more warmth and understanding into your relationship

This workshop is meant to open new doors of communication that were previously closed off. Even if you are just looking for more tools to help make you a more effective communicator, you’ll love the Couples Workshop.

To help you decide if it’s for you…

Here’s A “Sneak Preview” of Topics
Covered In The Workshop:

  • The demystifying truth about forgiveness in relationships (Forgiveness isn’t about believing the betrayal or traumatic event didn’t matter or pretending like everything’s okay-- let’s talk about what it really is.)
  • A simple way to find your ideal couple’s therapist
  • Exactly how to know when to hit the pause button (Let’s face it, arguments can get intense at times, here’s how to know when to take a break vs. pushing through)
  • What to do if a partner acts like they don’t care or “shuts down” during an important discussion
  • The effect of name-calling and why we do it (Strategies that could instantly make a difference)
  • Dating vs. marriage: a few things to think about in different stages of relationships
  • A simple framework for coping with a partner who threatens to leave all the time (The surprising reason behind why they’re doing it and what to say/do to address it)
  • Three awesome book recommendations to enhance your relationship and communication skills!
  • Simple and straightforward advice on how to handle “gaslighting” (HINT: Step 1 is understanding why this happens. I cover this and more in the Q&A section)
  • And more!

There’s a taste of what you’ll get in the 30-minute Q&A.

Apart from giving you the tools you need to enjoy a closer relationship with your partner, what you’ll learn in the Couples Workshop will also help you navigate important conversations with other loved ones, such as a child, a friend, a parent, or family member.

It’s not just a bunch of theory either.

You’ll be getting actionable insights you can use right away to help you strengthen your bond with your partner.

The strategies I’ll share are the same ones I use in my private practice to work through conflict during couples therapy.

So, how much does the workshop cost?

If you order today, I’ll give you instant access to the recording for just $75 $49.

That’s less than what you’d typically pay for ONE therapy session.

Plus, if you order today I’ll also include this incredibly valuable bonus…


The Couples' Handbook


This hands-on guide in downloadable PDF format will walk you through step-by-step the most important concepts covered in the workshop, as well as provide you with simple exercises you can do either alone (or with your partner) to connect more intimately and avoid conflict.

A $35 Value…

It’s yours FREE, if you order today.

Ordering is easy too.

When you click the button below and fill in your payment info (which doesn’t take long), you’ll be sent a link to view the workshop (and download your free guide).

So you could start watching it just minutes from now if you want.

Don’t wait...

Do it today.

Your relationship is meant to be a safe haven in the uncertainty of life.

Don’t let another day go by not having the kind of warmth and connection you desire.

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- Matthias J Barker

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Meet Matthias Barker


Hi, I’m Matthias. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I've been formally trained for treating high-acuity sexual trauma and problematic sexual behavior.

I discovered psychotherapy during a crisis in my 20s that led to processing my own struggle with depression and childhood trauma. Today, I love seeing the principles that saved my life help others too.

I'm about showing you how to move towards what's meaningful in the midst of hardship. My clinical practice is based in Nashville, Tennessee where I specialize in treating childhood trauma and marital issues.

I wanted to make this workshop available because so many people feel lonely in their relationship, and it doesn’t have to be that way. You can (and should) enjoy a deeper connection with the person you love! 

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