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Matthias J. Barker & Dr. Frank Anderson

Watch This Video If You Want A Deeper Understanding Of How To Heal From Trauma…

Rare, In-Depth Interviews With Leading Trauma Expert Dr. Frank Anderson Reveal An Inside Look Into The IFS-Informed Approach To Trauma Therapy

Created With Everyday People In Mind, You’ll Uncover New And Powerful Insights Not Found Anywhere Else

If you’d like to take a deep dive into what it takes to heal from a traumatic experience, in a way that is profound yet practical…

And you’d like to hear about this from one of the world’s leading authorities on the subject…

Then you’re in the right place…

My name is Matthias J. Barker. I’m a practicing psychotherapist and trauma specialist.

One of the most popular and effective treatment techniques today is Internal Family Systems (IFS).

Thousands of clinicians already trust IFS in their work to help clients who struggle with anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, and other mental health conditions.

Recently, I conducted in-depth interviews with the lead trainer of IFS, my mentor Dr. Frank Anderson.

Frank is a Harvard-educated psychiatrist, therapist, author, and a trauma specialist who’s spent the past three decades studying neuroscience and trauma treatment.

He’s arguably one of the top experts in the field, having studied under greats like Bessel van der Kolk, author of The Body Keeps The Score, and Dick Schwartz, the founder of IFS.

In the interviews, Frank holds nothing back, going into his personal life and extensive experience to reveal what truly works when it comes to repairing emotional wounds.

We edited the videos and turned them into a sort of “primer course” in the IFS-informed approach to healing, which we’re calling…

Healing From Trauma

A perfect marriage between theory and practice, the result is, to my knowledge, the most robust (and approachable) course on trauma ever offered to the general public.

The insights it contains will appeal to everyday people, as well as professionals who are interested in a deeper understanding of the mechanisms of trauma and healing.

If my previous workshops on trauma were about the pillars of healing, this one explores the nooks and crannies, to help complete the picture and fill in some of the gaps.

‘Healing From Trauma’ Will Empower You To:
  • Identify the various parts of yourself and get to the bottom of what’s undermining your happiness (E.g. The part of you that drinks, loses its temper, doesn't stay motivated on a fitness challenge… let’s get behind what animates these “problematic parts”.)
  • Embrace compassion toward distressing or overwhelming symptoms (Discover how to transform self-criticism and anxiety into understanding and warmth through discovering the “why” behind our struggles.)
  • Support the release of trauma and its impact on the mind, the emotions, and the body (The ramifications of trauma can be subtle and deeply held. By following the process Dr. Anderson outlines, you’ll be able to access crucial insights for your heal journey)
  • Get in touch with the healing capacity of what IFS calls Self Energy (And recognize when you’re acting and living from that place)

    My hope is you’ll walk away better equipped to know when you’re connected to your values, vs. reacting out of an emotional wound. 

    When you’re able to make choices from that place, you tap into a well of meaning, wisdom, peace, and groundedness.

    This Course Is For You, If You…

    • Have been doing the work, maybe you’re already in counseling, but you don’t feel like you’re making a lot of progress
    • Started the work, and have been doing it for a while, but you want to go a layer deeper
    • Are curious about what the process of counseling would look like, or want a different point of view and you’re interested in the IFS approach
    • Just enjoy conversation and information on the topic of healing
    • Are a counselor or coach: this is a rare opportunity to hear from a category leader

    Here’s something else that’s interesting:

    The interviews are very personal. 

    Frank reveals a great deal about his own story that helps peel back the layers, and humanize his philosophy of treatment.

    The result is a unique perspective on healing that’s unlike anything I've seen, or that’s been widely talked about before.

    It’s comprehensive, yet accessible, and covers the terrain well without needing to map every corner of it.

    To help you decide if it’s for you…

    Here’s A Sample Of Topics Covered In The Course:

    ➜ Why the common approach to “get rid of” symptoms are short-sighted (Symptoms like depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation are rooted in protection. They’re able to tell us something which, if we listen, can open the way to deeper healing)

    ➜ How to access the healing energy of the “core self” (This is the place within you with the wisdom and goodness to ‘bring home' the parts of you left stranded by trauma. In this module, we discuss in practical terms how to invoke it)

    ➜ A simple way to get to the root of perceived negative behaviors (From a therapy point of view, here’s how to understand and get in touch with what’s causing distressing symptoms that stubbornly resist change)

    ➜ A working definition of trauma (It sometimes feels weird to think of things that happened to us as ‘trauma’. Here Frank explains the severity of emotional wounds and what this means for recovery)

    ➜ A simple question to ask yourself if you suffer from overthinking (Intellect can often be misused to fill a void. Frank’s own story illustrates how this can manifest, and what to do about it)

    ➜ Why the emotional impact of neglect is more subtle (In cases where trauma isn’t ‘something that happened', but instead ‘what didn’t happen’, it can be tricky to untangle its effects in our psyche)

    ➜ How to dialogue with wounded or protective parts of yourself (Listen as we role-play how this is done. Discover how to apply this concept to behaviors you want to change, or how this might be used in a therapy setting)

    ➜ The ultimate test of forgiveness (Also, why this can be empowering and a wonderful catalyst for healing)

    ➜ The secret to “letting go” and permitting healing to happen (Pain is both universal and inevitable. We discuss how to get to the root of the pain vs. just treating the symptoms)

    ➜ What full alignment looks like and how to achieve it (When parts of us are in conflict, there’s distress. It’s often this fact that brings people to therapy in the first place. Recognizing the hallmarks of alignment helps orient us to that goal)

    ➜ Practical advice for “getting at” deeply held wounds (Trauma can be stored in thought, feelings, and physical sensations. We discuss the therapeutic modalities that work to reach them, and why each has an important role to play in healing)

    ➜ The landmark trauma study you need to know about (And why the context of a traumatic experience matters in predicting its long-term effects)

    ➜ What does the process of forgiveness look like? (Also, why expecting responsibility from someone who hurt you keep you tethered to them and arrest healing)

    ➜ The “safety factor” in setting boundaries before you can heal (This is especially key in cases where the person who hurt you is still in your life. Unless you’re able to confidently set boundaries, you’re likely to perpetuate the same relational patterns.)

    ➜ The 3-step process for releasing trauma and emotional wounds (Hear about the healing power of a ‘corrective emotional experience’. It can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders)

    ➜ The importance of the therapist’s role in facilitating healing (We explore what it means to provide perspective to patients in a therapy setting. This will be interesting to anyone contemplating entering counseling…and to counselors)

    ➜ And much, much more!

    Bottom line:

    There are many workshops aimed at an academic audience that delve more deeply into the science.

    My own workshops on trauma have been aimed at distilling the science in a form palatable to a general audience.

    But nothing I’ve seen occupies the “sweet spot” between them quite like this course — with its unique combination of acumen and accessibility.
    If you want a thorough explanation of how to move forward from an emotional wound (that’s not overwhelming), you’re going to love these interviews.

    What’s The Investment?

    Healing From Trauma retails for $597.

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    You can also attend the Q&A follow up Frank and I will be hosting within a couple of weeks to get your questions answered live!

    The course is designed to be comprehensive, and provide you with the practical insights you need to better understand the healing process.

    That said, you’re bound to have challenges unique to your situation.

    This is your chance to interact with Frank and I live, so you can make the most out of what we share in the course.

    A $75 Value, you’ll have the opportunity to attend the Live Q&A at no additional charge with your order.

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    I don’t know where you are on your journey…

    What I can tell you is these principles have been transformational in my life, and I know it can be the same for you.

    It’s why I sincerely hope you’ll join the conversation!

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    P.S. I understand you may still have questions. Here are a few of the ones I most commonly get asked about my courses and workshops:

    Meet Frank Anderson


    I am an author, psychiatrist, therapist, speaker, and trauma specialist who’s spent the past three decades studying neuroscience and trauma treatment. My mission is to heal trauma and bring more love, compassion, and unity to the world.

    I began my professional journey as a chemistry major at the University of Illinois in the pre-pharmacy program. I switched to psychiatry after a close family member of mine developed significant mental health symptoms. During my residency in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, I noticed that many of my clients struggling with major mental illnesses had also experienced significant trauma in their lives.

    The pain I witnessed in others activated something deep within me, compelling me to enter therapy, which quickly connected me to my own trauma history.

    Becoming a psychiatrist at the Trauma Center in Boston under the direction of Bessel van der Kolk was the next right step for me. I was able to learn more about trauma while simultaneously continuing my quest of helping others heal. I was fortunate enough to meet Dick Schwartz at a conference and my career focus instantly came into full alignment. I was now able to integrate my knowledge of neuroscience and trauma treatment with Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy.

    I was the former chair and executive director of the Foundation for Self Leadership, an organization focusing on IFS research and the expansion of the IFS model beyond psychotherapy, and authored the chapter “Who’s Taking What? Connecting Neuroscience, Psychopharmacology, and Internal Family Systems for Trauma.” Never really thinking of myself as an author, I surprisingly felt drawn to coauthor the chapter “What IFS Brings to the Treatment of Trauma,” and the book Internal Family Systems Skills Training Manual. My most recent book, Transcending Trauma is the culmination of my professional and personal journey to date. I am extremely proud of it!

    I’m also a lead trainer and consultant for the IFS Institute, an advisor to the International Association of Trauma Professionals (IATP), and maintain a private practice. I am passionate about teaching, and enjoy providing therapy consultations and trauma-informed IFS-related workshops throughout the world.

    Meet Matthias Barker


    Hi, I’m Matthias. I have a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, and I've been formally trained for treating high-acuity sexual trauma and problematic sexual behavior.

    I discovered psychotherapy during a crisis in my 20s that led to processing my own struggle with depression and childhood trauma. Today, I love seeing the principles that saved my life help others too.

    I'm about showing you how to move towards what's meaningful in the midst of hardship. My clinical practice is based in Nashville, Tennessee where I specialize in treating childhood trauma and marital issues.

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